Best Online Data Entry Job From Home Without Investment

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Best Online Data Entry Job From Home Without Iinvestment.

Online data entry job is one of the home base online job which can be done by anyone and from anywhere. if you want to use your free time and and earn with typing lets start online data entry job and earn money by work from home, you can use your free time in your office in earning with data entryI Think you are not unknown with data entry, data entry means processing of data or text into programs with job specific guidelines. The objective of companies offer these services is to have all data entry guidelines specified across the various text handling and processing jobs so that retraining of operations will not be required for any new text or data processing jobs.

The companies who works in this field, offering the data entry services are also premier information technology (IT) and consultancy organizations worldwide established as an (IT) information technology Services purpose. There are numbers of international, multinational  marketing companies which want data entry services for receiving information to plan for enlargement, growth and development of the company. The companies offer  these services consist of insurance groups, collection agencies, medical services and facilities, advertising and marketing companies, hospitals, vehicle manufacturers, banks and financial organizations or  institutions too.

Client’s satisfaction surveys, contests, token mailers are attractions offered by companies to the common public and in their response that floods in all this entered input has to be routed towards data entry to get the end output or the result of the surveys, contests and mailers. This helps to generate an image of the company which stands competition and manage a foothold in the business.

Requirements For Online Data Entry Jobs

Mixture of skills are required for data entry employees, including good listening skills, proper grammar skills, typing skills, and awareness to detail. Data entry jobs also necessitate workers to be accessible for a broad range of shifts and hours. Data entry Work  is stationary, and most of the day is spent sitting at a desk with computer. you can do this online data entry job without an any investment and there is 0% risk. You can earn as much as you work and spend time in data entry.

Types of Online Data Entry Jobs from Home Without any Investment.

1. Online Captcha Typing Job

Online Captcha typing is one of the newest online data entry job. Although income is little less than other online jobs but its very simple,easy & available for everyone, there is not any specified criteria in this job, every one can do this job no matter you are child or old. Company will give you  a software where you have to login with your detail (username & password) and  then you have to  type the Captcha images there shown. In this job You can get revenue of up to $500 per month.

2. Copy & Paste

This is very simple job,Here you have to copy text from a word or excel any file and paste it  into another word or excel files. It is very easy although, you have to to be very careful. You have to have Good knowledge of English because you have to read and understand things very well.

3. Micro Jobs

There are many sites providing this jobs where you can connect as a micro worker & work on various types of data task and processing. One of the  most powerful and reliable online data entry job for extra income is micro jobs. There are numbers of sites which  provide micro jobs where you can join, work & earn minimum $200+ a month by working on simple tasks very easily.

4. Survey Forms

Filling up survey forms is also another  type of data entry job which you can do from your home. Here you require fill online forms provided by different survey sites which is available. Throughout these forms, you can give your feedback for a specified product that  helps companies to design the best products for consumers and get customers satisfaction. so that companies revenue and reputation will be high. You will get paid for each & every survey which you complete with filling valuable feedbacks.

5. Basic Typing Job

The basic data entry job is known as Online typing Job. Here you need to type anything into an excel spreadsheet (MS-Excel)or a word document(MS-Word). There is not any special skill requirements for this job than other job. But main thing you needed is you must have your typing speed 30+ words per minute. Though your speed is less than this, you want to do this then you have to improve the speed to 30+ Word Per Minute.

6. Image to Text

Next type of job is converting image to text. In this job you have an image file containing texts and you have to understand the text on image and write it down on a word document. It is very simple and easy data entry job.

7. Formatting

Here you will get a text document without any formatting and You have to format that word document as per required. Formatting is not easy as you think but if you have full knowledge of working with word document, you can do it easily.

8. Content Writing

Content writing is bit dissimilar than other  data entry job we described. Here you have to write articles in any required subject and handover it  to publishers. Here you need more of a writing skill, grammar skill, as well as  typing skills.

9. Email Processing

This is also a bit different data entry job than other. Email processing jobs are about processing emails. You need  to read emails and find out what their content is about and what the main theme is.You have To process thousands of email in a day. The job is very exciting, as much you can process email as much earn.

10.Other:- Customized Data Entry Jobs

This is not actually any specific type of data entry jobs. Here you will be asked to do anything and you have to do. You job may be anything.

I provided here some data entry jobs which I know and available in internet.these all were online data entry job  which can be work from home. You can find more other online jobs but first you have to prepare yourself to be a data entry operator.


6 Best Places to find Online data entry jobs


Internet is very common and best way to find online data entry jobs. You may search any kinds of online jobs in internet as you like. And the main thing you have to remember when choosing online job is never pay any registration fee for that.

2.captcha entry sites

Many of the people who want to do online data entry jobs choose Online captcha typing job. If you have good typing skill captcha entry work is  best work for you. You can earn up to $300 per month, just working part time.


There are thousands of people who are making money from fiverr. You can join in fiverr free and start work. There you have to put your special skills and people will here you. You will earn at least $5 per a task.  If you are any special skill fiverr is best way to make money.


Elance is one of the best freelancing website, it provides a great opportunity for data entry workers. There are many companies who are looking for best freelancer workers.


Upword is also one of the best freelancing website, here you can find lots of different of data entry work. To start work on upword you need to join upwork through and add there your all details and people will see your profile and they will decide to work with you or not.

6.Micro job sites

Micro job is also good option for them who want to work typing related Job.  There are numbers of micro job sites where you can join easily to work.

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Best Online Data Entry Job From Home Without Investment

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