How To Make Money With Blogging, WordPress Or Any Website.

Last updated on March 26th, 2017 at 01:17 pm

How To make money with blogging, WordPress Or Any Website.

In this digital world  earning money has become very easy. You can make money with blogging. You just have to use your free time, no need to work as full time and earn extra income. Firstly what you have to do is:

Here are some method to Make Money With Blogging, WordPress Or Any Website.

·        Choose a suitable topic in which you are perfect or you can do your best.

·        Choose a domain name for your website.( you can choose domain related with topic in which you are writing.)

·        And use wordpress, blogger or website any platform you can choose. The main thing is you have to publish your article in internet.

·        Write SEO friendly articles and publish it.

·        Use  social media advertising, do SEO on your website  and drive more traffic on your website. Get traffic as much as possible.

·        Put google ad on your site which pay you CPM (cost per impression ) CPC (cost per click) basic.

·       You can also use other ad networks, personal ads, any company’s  ads and maximize your revenue.

·       You can work with affiliate marketing and earn if your website have huge amount of view per day.

·        Put other ads on your site, there are numbers of ad provider to your website.

Some sites which provide you ads and pay you are:

§  Chitika

§  Mgid

§  Adversal

§  Infolinks


§  Revenuehits

§  Yllix

§  Bidvertiser


§  Popads

§  clicksor


·        Sell product online and get commission (you can find many online product seller and co-operate with them and get commission for every product sold from your website.)

·        You can also earn from selling services online.

if you follow any of these ideas you will surely make good money on internet, just trust online job it is true that everyone can earn money on internet.

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How To Make Money With Blogging, WordPress Or Any Website.

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