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Payoneer master card is one of the master card from which you can get payment from  numbers of countries and send payments can use this payoneer master card in more than 200 countries to receive payment and transfer. You can easily withdraw fund from any master card supported ATM in your country and There is limitation to withdraw money, you can withdraw limited money per transaction and this depends on concern ATM’s bank rule.

Some benefits of payoneer master card.

  • To apply paypal or Skrill firstly you need payoneer master card.

If you need paypal or Skrill for your business,firstly you need payoneer master card, without master card you cand verify your paypal or Skrill account. After linking your payoneer master  to your paypal or Skrill account you can send money to any paypal or Skrill  accont and money will deducted from your master card, you don’t need to have money on paypal or Skrill account you can  use master card’s balance from those account.

  • You can get easily payments frrom any US companies.

If you are doing any onliine busines like google adsense, fiverrr, freelancing and other, its very easy to get your earning  from payoneer master card. You just have to link your master card to those account and they will send you fund.

  • You can easily make any  online payments .

If you are doing any online shopping,there you need to make online payment rather than cash payment,in this case payoneer allow to make any online payments. Such as if you are purchasing domain,hosting,VPN,any web templets,facebook,twitter,youtube advertising,free lancing premium account,other any primium account,ebooks  and for otherr any online payments you can easily use your payoneer masterr card.

  • You will get 25$ asd referral bonus.

Payoneer give you 25$ referral bonus if you had sign up for payoneer with any referral links,in this case both (who refer and you) will get this referral bonus.after you balance reach 100$ in your account this referal bonus will sent to you and your friends too..


  • You can easily sell payoneer balance to your friend.

If you don’t want to withdraw your master card’s money,you can sell your payoneer balance to any this case you will not be charged for withdrawal  fees and you will get benefit of money exchange rate because some of banks  charge you exchange commission.

  • You don’t need any bank account to get payoneer master card.

To get payoneer master card you don’t need any bank account. You  just have to sign up for this card and it will delivered in your home if you put correct address while applying for adsense account.

  • You can get easily payoneer master card in about 2 weeks in your home.

Afterr you apply for payoneer masterr card it will delivered in  your home or office with in 2 weeks, it depends on postal service in your may take only 3-4 days or 3-4 weeks to delivered card.

How to apply payoneer master card ?

To apply for payoneer master card first you need to have any email account,no matter it is yahoo or gmail or any.Click here to get 25$ referral bonus.

payoneer master card

Payoneer master card


You will redirect to this page and therre you can see a button then click on “Sign Up & Earn 25$” .

Payoneer master card


Now fill up the form with your real identity. And remember fill form very carefully. And after you fill up this form you are able to click on next button.

Payoneer master card


Click on next button and you will reach to next page.

Payoneer master card


Now fill up this form with correct data. Ff you put any fake information you will not receive your payoneer master card.

Payoneer master card


After filled this form click on next button. And again you will be sent to net page.

Payoneer master card


And fill here your email address,remember email address must be  same with email address which you put first.and enter password as per its requirements, hover the mouse on (?) after password box. Then you can see there password hints. and also choose your security question. And remember securities questions and answers it required if some problem appear in future.  You have to select only one security question here. And you have to put other two security questions and answers while first time logging in to your payoneer account.

Payoneer master card


Then click on Next button. The you will reach final page. There you have to select your id type. If you select national id,you will be asked.  “Name, id number and country of issue” id number must not include dash (-).  And if you choose driving license you will be asked issued and expiring date and your name. What they ask you have to give true information.

Sign Up & Earn 25$

Then most important part in this step is you have to add alternate shipping address. Because in some case permanent and current address  cant be same so you have to put your original detail in card holder detail. And here you have to put your current address where you staying so that you will receive your card in your hand.

To add alternate address just check the box “”add alternate address”” and a form appears. And there you have to put shipping address mean your current address.



In this form put your name same and put all detail same if you are staying in same location. Other wise and you must care of address. If you put wrong address card will not come to you. Fill there your address and also Post box number. Just remember that your address must be complete.


Payoneer master card

after filled  this form very carefully,  check the three boxes.and click on order now.

Payoneer master card


Then you will reach to this page. Now your application is successfully submitted and it need to approve. Very soon you will receive mail about your account status. And you will receive your payoneer master card with in 1 week to 4 weeks, depending on your postal service.

Payoneer master card



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